About US

 Gazlouleh manufacturing company founded in 1996 as public stock and is the member Of petrochemical industries company (PIIC)Group.

This company as a major producer of pipes, fittings and many other varieties of polyethylene products in iran and middle east of latest technologies with the most advanced European machineries from AUSTRIA (CINCINNATI) GERMANY (BATTENFELD, DROSSBACH, FERROMATIK, IPT …) has plans to satisfy the demands of gas, water and sewage of the country and the abroad.

This company as a holding group, under his authority has some companies like:

1) GADR Double – wall pipes MFG.CO



Gaz louleh Group manufacturing company products

.Water – carrying single – wall pipes with blue stripes refer to your repuest manufactured based on the lranian national standard No.14427 as well as Europeans standard No.DIN – 8074, EN – 12201.

.GAS – carrying single – wall pipes with yellow stripes , manufacturing based on European standard No. CEN – 1555

.Sewerage double wall pipes manufactured based on standard No. DIN – 16961, ISO 9969, EN – 13476, ISIRI 9116

.Fittings of sewerage double wall polyethylene pipes and manholes manufactured based on European standard No.DIN – 16961, EN- 13476

.Electro fusion fittings for single – wall pipes manufactured based on standard No.CEN – 1555-3

      .PIastic plate in version various sizes

      .FFS- Polyethylene three layer bags

      .sheering and stretch films

      .polyethylene Reservoirs.(tanks)

      .note : production process for pipes is extrusion, for fittings & pallets is injection moulding & for tanks is rotary moulding.

Application of Gaz louleh manufacturing company products

-Polyethylenepipes and fittings have a wide range of applications.

The most common of them are as follows:

-Dirinking water networks                            -Drainage networks

-City water – carrying networks                   -city sewerage networks

-Rural water networks                                   -Rural sewerage networks

-lndustrials liquids and sewerage systems    -Gas-carrying networks

-Moving irrigation systems                           -Oil-carrying metal pipes covering   

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